Policy Wisdom is a public health policy consulting company founded in 2010 with the ambitious goal of playing a role in every worldwide public health initiative.

We provide clients with the strategies, resources, and vision necessary to achieve their public-health policy goals. We shape public health policies by working with the full spectrum of individuals—from policy makers to those who guide their thinking—at governmental and non-governmental organizations and in the private sector.

Our ViSiON is to be a benchmark of excellence in health policy and a valued partner in the creation of policies that benefit public health worldwide.

Our MiSSiON is to create value for our clients by providing evidence-based solutions that have a positive impact on public health wherever we engage.

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We have become a key partner to organizations, companies, and governments, and have completed numerous projects across the world that are directed toward seeking access for products and services that are beneficial to the well-being of individuals and society, and that encourage and accelerate innovation that improves the quality of life.