Wise Incubator© is Policy Wisdom’s latest initiative to promote the development and implementation of policies to improve the health of communities globally and drive global change. In particular, it is our interest to draw and nurture novel ideas from undergraduate and graduate students of any discipline and degree within schools of public health around the world. Selected policy initiatives will be showcased at the First Annual Wise Innovative Health Policy Virtual Conference and in a digital publication that will reach key constituencies in public health and health care worldwide.

Why the WiSE Incubator?

Emphasis on upstream, structural factors has proven crucial to achieving long-term impact on health status and quality of life. Some of the greatest accomplishments in public health in the 20th Century were influenced by policy changes, including seat belt laws, regulations governing workplace exposures, and smoke-free laws, among others1. However, there are still myriad challenges and factors to address in order to improve health and, moreover, reduce existing health disparities. Innovative and fresh approaches are needed to ensure we have societies capable of making health a reality for all. Are you in?

About PW and what Public Health Policy means to us

Policy Wisdom was founded in 2010 with the goal of being a valued partner in the creation of every important policy that benefits public health and playing a role in every public health initiative worldwide. We have become a key partner to organizations, companies, and governments, and have completed numerous projects across the world seeking to improve access to products and services that are beneficial to the well-being of individuals and society, and encourage and accelerate innovation to improve quality of life. We firmly believe that global public policy is the most efficient, cost-effective manner to achieve faster, broader and sustainable product uptake and issues management.

Wise Incubator Virtual Conference
Recorded conference

On April 20, 2017, Policy Wisdom LLC held its first virtual conference. The winners of the Wise Incubator challenge launched in October 2016 presented their proposed project and policy solution. We invite you to view the recorded conference.

Winner Entries Abstracts
Click here to read more about the winners


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