Policy Wisdom is dedicated to shaping public health policies around the world.  We partner with organizations, companies, and governments

What we do

We help position policies on government agendas to advance solutions to public health issues. We facilitate the inclusion of new and necessary vaccines on the immunization formulary of national and/or local governments. We expedite the upgrade of clinical guidelines to include new, more effective, and sometimes less-expensive drugs. We help position immunization, policy formulation, and other issues at the top of the agenda of national and international organizations. We match pipelines of health products and devices with countries' disease burdens. We know policy makers and those who influence them. We communicate and package information in a meaningful way for policy and decision makers.

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How we do it

To produce the desired policy outcomes, Policy Wisdom provides policy-shaping strategies grounded on evidence, credibility and proven methodologies that generate influence on each project and initiative we engage in.

Work is performed by a 100% virtual network of professional independent consultants, located across various continents. We work with our clients to strengthen their policy-shaping skills. We create strategic processes in which solid, reliable evidence defines actions. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure the sustainability and success of every initiative. We work on time and within budget. We are results oriented. We are flexible, adapting to both internal and external changes.


Policy Wisdom works with pharmaceutical Companies
Policy Wisdom works with Public Health Organizations
Public Health
Policy Wisdom works with Governments / Ministry of Health
Governments /
Ministry of Health
Policy Wisdom works with Non Governmental Organizations
Non Governmental
Policy Wisdom works with Advocacy Organizations
Policy Wisdom works with Foundations

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